New York City-based songwriter, singer and beat artist K. crafts clever, joyful dance music that vibrates with the heartbeat of the human experience and pulls listeners to their feet. His bright, intimate lyrics reflect his fascination with philosophy and psychology as they explore delicate emotions and the complex dynamics of love, loss, transformation, hope and the unbreakable bonds between all people on the planet. Packed with infectious melodies, electrifying rhythms and layers of instrumental harmonies, K.’s songs illustrate the personal twists of his own journey and celebrate life’s revelry. All of his work is inspired by his ongoing passion for telling vivid stories that expand the mind and help others find their own groove through lyrical pop and rock tunes and the energetic textures of electronic music.

Born Kevin Donaldson in Nassau, Bahamas, K. has always used music to connect to the universe and infuse the world with magic. He soaked in the music played by his parents who were fluent in a host of instruments, including piano, organ, guitar and violin and eventually took up piano himself, which led him to experiment with songwriting and inventing his own melodies and lyrics. As he continued to develop his own sound, he was moved by the bold, imaginative voices of artists like The Talking Heads, The Cure, Madonna and Bjork, who were able to express powerful emotions and philosophies through danceable pop music. He made his way to Vassar College where he felt ignited by studying the principles of existentialism and moved to nearby New York City to record his first collection of original songs.

K.’s debut album, XK was sparked by his desire to hear thoughtful, radio-friendly dance tracks with musical substance. Co-produced by Michel Michelakis (Miguel), this thought-provoking concept album tackles themes surrounding love and relationships through an array of vibrant piano and vocal melodies, guitar and piano harmonies and world rhythms. K. is also working with choreographer Carlos Neto on a dance video for the first single, “Disoriented,” which will be released in early 2015.